It's all about the One

Our purpose is to bless the "One" who saved us and to reach the "ONE" yet to be saved. Our goal is to create products that lead to life changing conversations about Jesus and salvation.

We were created in HIS image to be reflections of Christ's unending love.


It was in 2017/18 when my daughter and I started conversing in our own language. We'd say words in reverse such as "I Vol OY" which is "I Love you" and respond with "eem oot" which is me too backwards. Her middle name is "Grace" and I'd call her "S-air-g" which led to the first reflection idea - GRACE.

Being created in God's image we are the first example (supply) that people see of Jesus . HIS image supply also derives from us supplying the image of God to those around us.


Every time i tuck my daughter in at night i ask her two questions: Do you know how much I love you and Do you know WHY I love? She answers to the first "more than words could ever say." The second she answers "because I am your daughter."

I always tell her that nothing could ever change that fact and it would take a billion lifetimes to show her how much I love her. I could never demonstrate all of my love for her. But I tell her that no matter how much I love you, GOD LOVES YOU MORE.

We want this simple phrase to resonant with all of us - that no matter how much love our family, spouses, children have for us - GOD LOVES US MORE than anyone ever could. Psalm 36:5